Meet Doria

I was born in Chicago, IL, one of 3 children. My mother was a costume designer and a graduate of the Goodman School in Chicago. My father worked in television and film. He was also active in our community and politics.  My parents inspired me to be creative, open to new ideas and politically involved. My mother was a great cook, seamstress and reader. My father used his skills as a carpenter and builder to remodel a former garage and stable into our homes.

I attended The Art Institute of Chicago, spending one year abroad in Rome at The Tyler School of Art. I graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  In addition to Palo Alto, I have lived in Chicago, Rome, Stockholm and New York.

A Strong History

I moved to Palo Alto from the Midwest more than 35 years ago, immediately falling in love with Palo Alto and the Bay Area. I have lived here ever since – initially as a renter and then as a homeowner.  My husband and I both love living in Palo Alto – there are few places in the world that provide the amenities of Palo Alto with easy access to the ocean and the mountains combined with a diverse and welcoming community.  I believe that the quality of life we enjoy in Palo Alto is exceptional and, as we grow and welcome newcomers to the community, we should make sure we retain the aspects of the city we value so much.

My background is in film and video production and I worked on a number of movies after moving here in 1986.   I left the movie industry about 20 years ago and, since then, my time has been primarily devoted to volunteering for my neighborhood and the city.  I began working with my neighborhood association (College Terrace Residents’ Association) in 2008 and was eventually elected President.  I worked on the Traffic Calming Committee and Residential Parking Permit Committee.  Both of these resulted in actions by the city that improved the quality of life for residents which showed me how civic action can result in real, positive change.

I began serving on committees addressing issues such as improving the functioning of Palo Alto’s Development Center, which deals with homeowners and contractors on permits, etc.  I also was appointed to serve on the committee tasked with updating Palo Alto’s Comprehensive Plan which sets the strategic vision for the city’s future.  I am extremely interested in how planning can affect the residents of different neighborhoods so I served on the North Ventura Area Plan Committee.

My Experience

Buena Vista Low-Income Housing Preservation Advocacy • California Avenue Concept Plan Workshops • California Avenue Tree Replanting and Streetscape Project • Citizen Committee to Update Tree Ordinance • City-Wide Retail Preservation Advocacy • “Colin’s Bench” Memorial for Neighborhood Activist • College Terrace Library Advocacy • College Terrace Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project • College Terrace Residential Parking Permit Program Committee • College Terrace Residents’ Association Board Member (2009-2016) • College Terrace Residents’ Association City Observer (2010-2016) • College Terrace Residents’ Association President (2016) • 2030 Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Committee Member • Development Center Advisory Group Community Representative • Downtown Residential Parking Permit Advocacy • Establish Baseline Neighborhood Traffic via Hose Count Monitoring • 240 Hamilton Zoning Code Enforcements • 550 Hamilton Community Response • JJ&F / College Terrace Centre Task Force (2008-2014) • Land Use Subcommittee for 2030 Comprehensive Plan • Landscaping on Neighborhood Traffic Circles • 411-437 Lytton Zoning Code Compliance • Mercedes-Benz Baylands Proposal Code Compliance • Natural Environment Subcommittee for 2030 Comprehensive Plan • Neighborhood Construction Complaint Advisor • North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan Working Group Member • 441 Page Mill Zoning Code Compliance • 1050 Page Mill Zoning Code Compliance • Palo Alto Art Center Tree and Greenspace Preservation • Palo Alto Neighborhoods Representative from College Terrace (2009-2016) • 2555 Park Zoning Code Compliance • Planning and Transportation Commission (2017-present) • Ad Hoc Committee on Affordable Housing (2018) • Advocacy for Preservation of Historic Resources  • Review of 2023-2031 Housing Element • Reviews of ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Ordinances and Policies • Reviews of Height Transitions Near Existing Residences • Reviews of Housing Work Plans • Reviews of Objective Design Standards for State-Prioritized Housing • Reviews of Proposed Lot Splits • Reviews of Rezoning Proposals for High-Density Housing • Studies of Proposed Reductions to Parking Requirements • Reform of Laws for Vehicles Stored on Streets • 358 Sherman Zoning Compliance • 1601 South California Zoning Code Compliance • Stanford Avenue / El Camino Streetscape Project • Stanford Research Park Spine Road Advocacy • Stanford/Mayfield Subdivision Community Response • Temporary Shelter for Women Community Support Leader • Traffic Prevention on South California Avenue from 1050 Page Mill Road • University Arts Building Zoning Code Enforcements • 429 University Zoning Code Compliance • 451 University Zoning Code Compliance • Wildlife Rescue / Peninsula Humane Society Merger Facilitator

Note: Items in blue stem from my being on the city’s Planning and Transportation Commission.

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