Doria Summa

For Palo Alto City Council 2024


I love Palo Alto. And I believe all our residents want a Palo Alto that sustains its residents, remains a great place to raise our children, nurtures dreamers, protects the natural environment and is welcoming to all.

The Leadership Our City Needs Right Now

Why I Am Running

My goal in running for Palo Alto’s City Council is simply to continue serving the people of Palo Alto.

In 2016, I had the honor of being chosen by the City Council to serve on Palo Alto’s Planning and Transportation Committee.  I have served on the commission since then, including terms as Vice Chair and Chair.

A major role of the Planning and Transportation Commission is to review and improve policies and projects before they go to Council for decision. My experience and knowledge gained there has taught me that there are no simple answers: all issues are complex with intended and unintended consequences.

My experience on the Planning and Transportation Commission has educated me to the many different perspectives of residents throughout our city.   On Council I will continue to respect and remember these differences in perspectives.

I would view it as an honor to serve the people of Palo Alto as a Council Member.

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