Campaign Committee

  • Rita Vrhel – Campaign Manager
  • John St. Clair III – Treasurer
  • Robert Phillips – Advisor
  • Doug Moran – Advisor
  • Maurice Green – Webmaster

Honorary Chairs:

  • Hon. Lydia Kou – Vice Mayor, Palo Alto
  • Hon. Tom Dubois – Council Member/former Mayor, Palo Alto
  • Hon. Eric Filseth – Council Member/former Mayor, Palo Alto
  • Hon. Greer Stone – Council Member, Palo Alto
  • Hon. Mike Cobb – Former Mayor & Council Member, Palo Alto
  • Hon. Greg Schmid – Former Vice Mayor & Council Member, Palo Alto
  • Hon. Karen HolmanMidpeninsula Regional Open Space District Boardmember and former Mayor, Palo Alto

Community Leaders

  • Sara Anderson
  • Fred & Ann Balin
  • Brent Barker
  • Marilyn Bauriedel
  • Sally Bemus
  • Dorothy Bender
  • Keith Bennett
  • Richard Brand
  • Damon Brown
  • Neilson Buchanan
  • Shirley Burgess
  • Dennis Burns, former Palo Alto Chief of Police,
  • Clayborne Carson, PhD, Martin Luther King Jr., Centennial Professor of History, emeritus, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Director, The World House Project
    Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
  • Bryna Chang, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner
  • Ronald Chun, Esq.
  • Jim Colton
  • James Felix Cook
  • Irina Cross
  • Sean Crotty
  • Janet DaFoe
  • Ron Davis
  • Winter Dellenbach, Founder, Friends of Buena Vista and Tall Tree awardee
  • Janet Ding
  • Al Dorskey
  • Grace & David Downer
  • Michael Eager
  • Erika Enos
  • Len Filppu
  • Diane Finkelstein
  • Mary Fitzgerald
  • Jeanne Fleming
  • Julianne Adams Frizzell
  • Sheri Furman
  • Mary Gallagher
  • Annette Glanckopf
  • Jeff Greenfield, Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Firth Griffith
  • John Guislin
  • Stuart Hansen
  • Maggie Heath
  • Susan Heimlich
  • Patricia Hernandez
  • Jennifer Chang Hetterly, former Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Wolfgang Himmelbauer
  • Bette Hirsch
  • Joseph Hirsch, former Chair, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission
  • Hamilton Hitchings, Housing Element Working Group
  • Michael Hodos
  • Terry Holzemer
  • Jeffrey Hook
  • Vahe Katros
  • Suzanne Keehn
  • Arthur Keller, former Vice Chair, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission,  and Vice Chair, Environmental Water and Resources Committee, Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Marilyn Keller, former Member, Utilities Advisory Commission

Community Leaders

  • CeCi Kettendorf
  • Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Board Vice President, former Palo Alto Mayor
  • Ingrid Lai
  • Jennifer & Mark Landesmann
  • Amy Larsen
  • Gabrielle Layton
  • Ben Lerner
  • Jeff Levinsky
  • Daniel & Cheryl Lilienstein
  • Paul & Karen Machado
  • Jo Ann Mandinach
  • Shannon McEntee
  • Elaine Meyer
  • Oliver Miao
  • Ulla Mick
  • Doug Moran
  • Usha Krishna Murthy
  • Tina Peak, DVM
  • Christian Pease
  • Enid Pearson, former Vice Mayor and City Council member, Palo Alto
  • Bob Philips
  • Nancy Pliebel
  • Jim Poppy
  • Tony Putulin
  • Keith Reckdahl, Planning and Transportation Commissioner, former Chair, Parks and Recreation Commission, Housing Element Working Group, Expanded Community Advisory Panel for Grade Separation.
  • Andie Reed
  • Hon. Emily Renzel, former Council Member, Palo Alto
  • Bruce Richmond
  • Lynne Robinson, Mayor, Bellevue, WA
  • Peter Rosenthal, PhD
  • Annette Ross
  • William Ross, Esq.
  • Jessica Roth, owner, The Cobblery
  • Pat & Tom Sanders
  • Rebecca Sanders
  • Ed & Anne Schmitt
  • Jaclyn Schrier
  • David Schrom
  • Carol Scott
  • Laura Seitel
  • William Shu
  • Malcolm Slaney
  • Andres Smith
  • Hank Sousa
  • Eileen Stolee
  • Mary Sylvester
  • Dr. Nounou Taleghaul
  • Carol Tanenwald
  • Richard Tingey
  • Laszlo Tokes
  • Cindy Toomoko
  • Tony & Renu Virdi
  • Angelica Volterra
  • Asher Waldfogel, former Vice Chair, Planning and Transportation Commission, former Member, Utilities Advisory Commission
  • Neva Yarkin
  • Deborah Wexler
  • Mimi Wolf
  • Dr. Eugene & Zita Zukowsky

“Doria has worked for the people of Palo Alto in various roles for so many years. She’s so knowledgeable and so effective and I trust her to work to keep the beautiful aspects of our city while making it possible for a wider range of people to live here!”

Janet L. Dafoe, PhD

"I am supporting Doria Summa for Palo Alto City Council. Doria is a lifelong environmentalist who has consistently supported preservation of Palo Alto’s unique natural Baylands habitat."

Hon. Emily Renzel, former Council Member, Palo Alto

“Doria is the high-integrity, compassionate, and deeply experienced leader Palo Alto needs. She listens carefully to residents and works incredibly hard to make sure their voices are heard.  I can’t think of anyone who understands city policies better, and she will make sure they are evenly and fairly applied to everyone.  We need Doria’s expertise on City Council!”

Bryna Chang, Commissioner, Planning and Transportation Commission

“Doria has done an excellent job as a commissioner on the Planning & Transportation Commission and helping to update Palo Alto’s Comprehensive Plan.  She is very knowledgeable on Palo Alto’s city government and the complexities in resolving many of our challenges such as housing, parking and transportation.  She is also very smart, hard-working, civil, articulate and high integrity.”

Hamilton Hitchings, Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan Update Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Housing Element Working Group, Emergency Services Neighborhood Preparedness Coordinator, Police Chief’s Advisory Committee

“Doria Summa is more than the ideal Council candidate. Her invaluable experience working on the City’s Planning and Transportation Commission and her understanding of City codes and regulations are truly unmatched, even by City Staff. Doria cares deeply about what happens in our City and how it affects all residents, wherever they live. I (we) feel so fortunate to have such a person, like Doria, who has the knowledge, experience and love for our City running for Council. Go Doria!”

Terry Holzemer and Patricia Hernandez

“Doria represents residents at ALL income levels not just those blessed with  high incomes who can afford  the luxury homes developers mostly build.”

Paul & Karen Machado
“For many years, i have watched Doria Summa on the Planning and Transportation Commission. She is thoughtful, well prepared and applies our Codes as they were written. I am managing her campaign as Doria is committed to making Palo alto a better place for us all.”

Rita Vrhel
"I’ve been an admirer of Doria’s perspective and involvement in Palo Alto’s government for quite sometime."

Michael Hodos.
"Doria Summa is a thoughtful Planning and Transportation Commissioner, asking the questions that need to be answered to make  development more harmonious with its surroundings."

Arthur Keller, former Vice Chair, Planning and Transportation Commission, City of Palo Alto and Vice Chair, Environmental Water and Resources Committee, Santa Clara Valley Water District
We need Doria on the City Council because of her  long time experience on the Planning and Transportation  Commission and her interest in Palo Alto affairs.

Dr. Eugene and Zita Zukowsky
"Doria's smart and experienced -- just what Palo Alto needs.  She'll hit the ground running."  

Shannon Rose McEntee
"It is a pleasure to endorse Doria Summa - an experienced, knowledgeable, well-informed candidate."

Elaine Meyer
"Doria would bring a passionate and knowledgeable voice of experience to the City Council.  She cares deeply and it would be great to know she is there to go to work for the residents of Palo Alto!."

Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Board Vice President, former Palo Alto Mayor
"Doria’s the perfect example of a neighborhood activist who buckled down to learn about Palo Alto municipal code, residential and commercial development history, and local government and how it works.  A community leader, she participated in writing the Comprehensive Plan, got appointed to the Planning Commission, and is highly qualified to take the next step.  You can count on her to weigh in with thoughtful, fact-based analyses best for the broad range of the community."

Andie Reed
"Doria has experience, understands the City's challenges and opportunities, and will help Council work effectively."

Jennifer Landesmann
"I have been very impressed with Doria Summa's tireless efforts on behalf of all of us in Palo Alto."

Malcolm Slaney
"Doria is an excellent candidate and I encourage you to support and vote for Doria.  While after residing in Palo Alto for over 50 years I no longer live in Palo Alto.  But I from my experience can highly recommend Doria for a seat on the Council."

Richard Brand
"I have worked all my life to preserve our environment and am honored to have my name on the Arastradero Preserve. Doria has consistently shown that she is a true environmentalist, recently with her work to develop the City's updated Tree Ordinance. I urge you to vote with me for Doria."

Enid Pearson, former Vice Mayor and City Council member
"I support Doria  because she has been active with city government for many years.  She understands the housing issues and knows that Palo Alto Council can create new housing policies balanced for affordability  and increased supply.  Stewardship for all neighborhoods is one of her strengths.  Additionally she will drive fiscal accountability for City Staff and Council during the upcoming budget uncertainties for our state and city."

Neilson Buchanan
"The bulleted wall of experience within the 'About Doria' page above speaks volumes about her qualifications. Her informed input from commission dais, at the debates, and in person convey deep knowledge and years of preparation toward this moment in her time. The many kind words and passionate support from the community within the city she loves demonstrates her profound impact on others as a compassionate and caring human being. She deserves your vote, but one thing is certain in this election no matter the outcome: Doria Summa will continue to be a selfless force for the betterment of this city and its residents."

--Fred Balin
"Doria's experience is needed on the City Council."

Richard Tingey
"There are many reasons to support Doria, including  for her work on the thoughtfully written, new Palo Alto Tree Ordinance."

Julianne Adams Frizzell
"I heartily endorse Doria because she really digs in to complicated issues and does her homework on the complexities of the issues."

Jo Ann Mandinach
"Doria has served this town well for many years, She brings experience, a keen intellect, and the ability to listen to all voices and be inclusive.
Doria would be an excellent member of City Council."

Mary Gallagher
"Doria is a great neighbor and community pillar. She takes the initiative when there are issues or someone needs help and gets things done – from traffic circle gardens to the planning commission and so much in-between."

Sara Anderson
"Doria is unique not only in her extensive preparedness, knowledge of city planning and development issues, but also in her exceptional ability as a good listener and synthesizer.  I have admired Doria’s ability to remain cool during heated Planning and Transportation Commission exchanges and respond in a calm, reasoned, powerful and unemotional way.

Doria has remained independent and uninfluenced by powerful forces within and outside our city government.  Her deep knowledge of the workings of City Staff and procedures makes her unusually effective in getting at the heart of many complex matters.

She is a unique candidate who will serve all of Palo Alto well.

Peter Rosenthal, PhD
"When I first heard Doria speak at a community meeting, I thought, this person is brilliant. She spoke with a familiarity about the city’s municipal code as if it was her mother tongue. Now that I know Doria well, I see that her love for the community and for Palo Alto is what has driven her to become an expert in Palo Alto’s governmental framework as well as the issues confronting the city. Having served on community committees, city working groups and on the Planning and Transportation Commission, Doria has put in the time.  Doria is hardworking and conscientious. She’s got the experience and the ability and heart necessary to be a fantastic council member. I endorse Doria wholeheartedly.."

Rebecca Sanders
"Summa has served several years on the Planning Commission, currently as vice chair, a post where one quickly learns the intricacies and rules and regulations of city governing, particularly in applying housing and office requirements. She is an independent thinker, and is not afraid to differ with her colleagues. Her philosophy has often made her the sole dissenter on development proposals, which is refreshing."

Diana Diamond, Palo Alto Online
"As a small business owner I have spent many hours over the last 20 years participating in city meetings . Doria has been a constant presence in our city and will come with a solid understanding of past and present issues. I have the utmost respect for Doria and her vision for Palo Alto I will be supporting and voting for her and suggest you do the same."

Jessica Roth, owner, The Cobblery
"Doria is a long-time local, who is active, concerned about quality of life in Palo Alto, and committed to make improvements."

Sean Crotty
"Thank you so much for having a voting track record on cell towers, fighting for residents’ interests, not the telecom industry’s!."

Janet Ding
"I have known Doria for many years. She is a knowledgeable, trusted, and positive candidate. Doria is a voice of reason on policy changes and slow growth to maintain what we all love about Palo Alto.  She isn’t afraid of change and will always address core issues to better our city.  I enthusiastically endorse Doria!."

Amy Larsen

Yes, I would like to endorse Doria!