I have worked all my life to preserve our environment and am honored to have my name on the Arastradero Preserve. Doria has consistently shown that she is a true environmentalist, recently with her work to develop the City’s updated Tree Ordinance. I urge you to vote with me for Doria.

— Enid Pearson former Vice Mayor and Palo Alto City Council member 

Climate change and the consequential environmental deterioration can seem like overwhelming problems. But addressing climate change needs to begin at the local level. Palo Alto has been a leader in many ways such as purchasing green electricity – but we can and should continue to do  more. I support increasing the use of electricity for both  residential and commercial uses. I also support increasing the use of reclaimed water. But Palo Alto will need to set aside funds required to make these important transitions happen. We need to protect our open spaces for our human as well as animal residents who rely on these habitats. I will work to add currently undedicated parks to our open space resources. I support best building practices that protect diminishing bird populations and efforts such as the horizontal levee to address sea level rise. I also support protecting and augmenting our tree canopy, as reflected in my being part of Palo Alto’s new Tree Ordinance committee. I am honored by the support of Enid Pearson and Emily Renzel.

I am supporting Doria Summa for Palo Alto City Council. Doria is a lifelong environmentalist who has consistently supported preservation of Palo Alto’s unique natural Baylands habitat.
— Emily Renzel former Palo Alto City Council member