My Recommendations for Palo Alto City Council

By Diana Diamond

Palo Alto Weekly, October 5, 2022

I had hoped that this upcoming city council election in Palo Alto would bring out an array of candidates who were, dedicated, knowledgeable individuals with local government experience, people who would serve well for the next four years on the council. Being a council member is the highest elected position a resident can hold in this city.

I fear I was being unrealistic, because I also wanted us to elect individuals who are able to think outside the box and question old habits, question whether the way the city continues to do things year after year is appropriate, and come up with new ideas.

I wanted candidates who will not automatically do what staff recommends or the city manager suggests, but be more visionary in their approach. I also wanted candidates who can be leaders. A few of our current council members are short on leadership abilities.

Doria Summa – Summa has served several years on the Planning Commission, currently as vice chair, a post where one quickly learns the intricacies and rules and regulations of city governing, particularly in applying housing and office requirements. She is an independent thinker, and is not afraid to differ with her colleagues. Her philosophy has often made her the sole dissenter on development proposals, which is refreshing.

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