With crime on the rise and increased fire
danger, public safety, including traffic enforcement, have become critical issues in the 2022 Palo Alto City Council election. As Doria Summa stated in the recent PAW Forum:

“I think there is a perception in Palo Alto that it is not as safe as it used to be.”

Our Police and Fire Departments are two of the most important services provided by the City to our
residents. They need to be a priority as the City rebuilds its services from cutbacks that were made during the covid period. One of many reasons we need Doria Summa on the City Council.

“I want to see public safety spending and staffing restored to pre-Covid levels at least. People need to feel safe in their homes and in stores and  restaurants. We have to recruit new officers and better retain the ones we have. I have seen a number of improvements in
police administration, such as the PERT program that helps support the police by having healthcare professionals ride with officers to deal with
encounters with people with mental health issues. I support increasing the frequency of independent audits of police accountability and use of force. Fact-based understanding of the department’s performance is an important step toward continuing improvemen.”